Do you want to know the oil extraction process? Do you want to know the olive groves where it is produced? Do you want to know how to differentiate a good extra virgin olive oil?

From the cooperative we offer you guided tours of our oil mill, olive groves and guided tastings.

If you are a group of friends, ask us about the options and we will organize a visit to suit you.

  • They organizeoil tasting at beginner and advanced level.They are aimed at schools, institutes, university degrees to consumer groups, to hospitality schools, catering staff, oil mill staff, farmers,
  • They organizeGuided visits to the oil mill, to know the process of making olive oil from the entrance of the olive, your grinding, careful centrifugation and packaging until distribution to the final consumer.
  • They are also organizedfield visits, to learn how to harvest the oliveand other crops.
  • Are taughttraining coursesand talks related to the activities of the Cooperative.
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