II Conference “EVOO and Health”

Sep 10, 2019 | Health | 0 comments

The Denomination of Origin Oil of the Sierra de Cádiz organized last Monday 9 the II Conference “Aove D.O. Cádiz and Health ”, held at the Hotel Sierra y Cal de Olvera. The event was dedicated to women, and the majority female audience was made up of oil mill professionals, olivicultoras, cooks, health and members of associations of the region.

The president of the D.O.. Cadiz oil, Antonio Villalba Marquez; as well as Francisco Párraga Rodríguez, Mayor of Olvera, and Rafael García Vera, Councilor for Health of the Olvereño City Council.

These presentations gave way to several interventions, among which was the presentation: "Aove, health benefits", by Dr. María del Mar Ramírez Carreño, specialist in family and community medicine, and expert in diabetes.

Dr. Ramírez highlighted the many properties of our extra virgin olive oil, as a necessary food and loaded with benefits, through the action of its polyphenols, that act as natural antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. All studies carried out to date by scientists from different universities, come to the same conclusion: that we need to include extra virgin olive oil in our diet, using it in the kitchen for everything (both raw and hot in stews and fried foods, etc.), within the framework of a healthy diet.

The event culminated with the intervention of the Quality Manager of the D.O. oil from the Sierra de Cádiz, Lola ortega, manager of the Regulatory Council of the D.O., entity of which we have already spoken more than once.

As communicators from Cádiz, we must continue to support extra virgin olive oil from the Sierra de Cádiz, with its European certification of excellence. Its high level of quality and its connection to the land since ancient times make us appreciate even more its multiple qualities.. In fact, according to experts, Our extra virgin olive oil is among those with the highest organoleptic level and diversity in types of olives.

The D.O.. olive oil from the Sierra de Cádiz continues to organize small events like these, that are serving to promote and disclose the properties of our a.o.v.e. among the population, moving you to value and consume a magnificent local product that responds to the characteristics of our province, of our mountains.

Let's not forget that our EVOO is also the best ally of the heart.


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