Oil Los Remedios receives two important awards.

Dec 12, 2019 | Events, Olivar | 0 comments

The Diputación de Cádiz today delivered the awards of the contest «Selection of the best Healthy Extra Virgin Olive Oils in the Province of Cádiz», being Los Remedios-Picasat the best valued company, since the "liquid gold" of the Cooperative has won in two categories: "Best Healthy Ripe Fruity" and "Best Healthy Absolute".
The oils selected for the first edition of this contest had undergone a prior analysis in the laboratory, which determined its properties and the presence of polyphenols, substances that the European Food Safety Agency accepts as a guarantee of a healthy effect and that allows transcription, as such, on product labeling. Eight of those olive juices went to the final and were tasted blind to check the initial sweetness in the mouth and its progression in bitterness or itching in the throat..

Irene Garcia, President of the Diputación de Cádiz, presented the awards to Francisco Panduro and Antonio Villalba, president and manager, respectively, from the Los Remedios-Picasat Cooperative. Both had words of gratitude to the provincial body in its work of supporting a product of enormous quality, the most representative of the Sierra Cadiz, and to a sector, the traditional mountain olive grove, which goes through difficult times due to the current price crisis and the difficult competition with intensive cultivation.
Jose Maria Penco, technical director of the Spanish Association of Olivo Municipalities and coordinator of the group of experts that made up the jury highlighted that "they are very complex oils, with a variety of aromas and fruity flavors, vegetables and wild that can compete with the best in the world ".


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