The bullfighter Juan José Padilla named godfather of the new oil campaign

Oct 18, 2022 | Without category | 0 comments

Today, the Sponsorship Act of the new Oil campaign has taken place in the Almazara of the Los Remedios Picasat Cooperative where D has been appointed as sponsor of the new Campaign.. Juan Jose Padilla Bernal, bullfighting master, For your effort, dedication and delivery in the defense of the rural world and its cultural heritage.

His appointment is the result of his permanent ability to overcome daily challenges, what makes it a working example, fight and surrender.
Once the act of appointment has been carried out, a miller breakfast took place where it was possible to taste the first oils of the Campaign, campaign that started the first days of October looking for the line of excellence in the oils produced, among which it has been possible to taste monovarietal arbequina oils, early harvest oils from the Sierra as well as organic oils, all new campaign.

The Cooperative sells its oils only under the commercial brand Aceite Los Remedios, Premium oils are marketed through the Dehesa Vieja brand and under the Sierra de Cádiz Denomination of Origin brands that guarantee their origin and quality. The organic oil is marketed under the Oro Natura brand.

Although for this campaign a decrease in the production of the 40 %, It must be said that the oils produced have a high quality.
The Los Remedios Picasat SCA cooperative has different agri-food activities that bring together more than 6.500 partners distributed throughout the provinces of Cádiz, Seville and Malaga mainly.

Among the agri-food activities, the production of Extra Virgin olive oil stands out, Manufacture of feed for animal feed, the collection of cereals from their partners, of almonds, carob, Tenderloin Stews, Iberian lambs and pigs, composting plant, as well as the collection of goat's milk. It has several stores supplying products for agriculture and livestock., fuel supply points and agricultural and veterinary technical services.


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